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tv   Cleveland 19 News at 11PM  CBS  October 11, 2016 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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cleveland 19 news sponsored by national carpet mill outlet. ohio's flooring superstore. asking questions. getting answers. cleveland 19 news starts now. >> it looked like bullet holes, but i had no idea. >> denise: a terrifying scare for a painesville mom. vandals shoot up her mini-van causing a window to crashing down. tonight the suspects who caused thousands of dollars in damage are behind bars. and dozens of cases just like it starting to pile up across lake county over the past few weeks. >> chris: tonight we learn police arrested several people for the crime. sara goldenburg getting answers on how the victims are coping. sara? >> reporter: i spoke with a woman who said she lost her sense of safety at her own home after this happened. police may have caught the
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styl being felt across the community. jaime didn't notice anything unusual at first. she walked out to her mini-van with 2-year-old ryland. >> i buckled him in and shut the door. then the back window fell completely in. a big huge chunk fell and got every where. he was terrified and i was terrified. >> reporter: she wondered if this was a personal attack. >> there was some here. there was an impact shot here and here. >> reporter: jam went to police and found out 50 vandalism cases were reported in painesville the last month. they had over 30 cases too. businesses and homes and cars targeted with bb guns. >> it is scary now. it takes away your peace of mind and safety. >> reporter: it may not seem like much, but it is enough to set this single mom back. >> insurance did cover a good chuck of it, but -- chunk of it, but i had to pay more
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christmas. >> reporter: just a few minutes away downtown someone shot out two front windows at the chinese restaurant. >> people will poke in their head and say are you still open? yeah, we are open. >> angie said it costs $800 to next the damage. the family works 12-hour days pouring their heart into their work. >> these are people that are committed to making a living here. they are hap in the united states and it is sad that somebody would take advantage of a situation like that. >> two juveniles and two adults caused a you will -- caused all of this damage with bb guns. the charges are under review and the suspects could face felonies. chris? >> chris: let's get over to tiffani tucker with developing stories at the alert desk. tiffani? >> tiffani: chris, a few minutes ago we got the details on when and where president obama will be when he comes to
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later this week when he campaigns for hillary clinton. the doors will open at 8:30 a.m. with the event starting at 11:15. give yourself plenty of time. the president is expected to encourage ohio ans to go out and vote. of course, we have a link on cleveland where you can rsvp if you want to attend the event. >> tiffani: social security checks are going up. you can .5 pr increase. that adds up to be between $2 and $6 more per month. this is the smallest hike in the history of the program. and central ohio police are crediting a student at hilliard davidson high school with stopping a classmate from carrying out a mass shooting. the student told the school's resource officer about the threat. a 16-year-old has been charged with conspiracy to commit
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>> denise: now more on a police involved shooting. he had an air pistol with him like the one pictured here. two officers shot and killed the 28-year-old at detroit and crocker after they say he robbed the cvs. we are still waiting to learn whether they saw the air pistol or if he fired it. >> chris: now help to save a man who died w hurricane matthew. >> he had a log dropped on him and oh my god. >> chris: he was cutting up a tree north of daytona beach when a huge log rolled on top of him pinning him to the ground. witnesses tried to give the 47-year-old cpr, but it was too late. >> denise: awful. once again someone is trying to make cleveland the butt of a joke. this time it is tbs sports.
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and post-game shows of the american league playoffs. they released this statement about the picture reading, cleave -- cleveland is a great city and we regret using the image. we look forward to putting the focus back on an exciting alcs. i bet they do m we started a campaign to let the network know we are not happy about this and you have come through big time. so much trending locally. dan deroos is in the answer center with your reaction. >> dan: it is so popular even some of the other tv stations are using it m that's fine. we'll share it. this is an issue of cleveland pride. we are not going to let some national media make us look like a joke when we mow the city has turned around. here is the hash tag we are using and we want to keep it going. clevstbs.
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here. what a gorgeous picture. # clevstbs. pretty sure cleveland looks like this and not like the other picture. cleveland is behind us. you messed with the wrong city. ii think that's absolutely right. danielle says you like jokes, tbs? here you go, your commentators, no punch line necessary. going deep on that one. i like this one from michael monday who said we forced espn to cha believe land. now we forced tbs to apologize. god, i love cleveland fans. wee are awesome. we are awesome. how about one more gorgeous picture? i like it because it is of the east bank of the flats. that's the river in cleveland. we have come a long way since 1969 when the river caught fire. by the way, the picture they used, that was an oil spill accident in moscow where three people were hurt. who is laughing now?
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getting answers in the answer center, denise, back to you. >> denise: respect the land. are you upset over the tbs treatment of cleveland? you can let them know how you feel. reach out on social media and vent your frustrations. we also have the contact information on our app and cleveland >> dan: . >> chris: a recall affecting a popular dog poohed brand. it dog food brand. may contain pieces of plastic. we have more information on cleveland >> denise: frustrated parents were hoping to get answers on why the school board mysteriously suspended the superintendent there. that didn't happen. dani carlson just got out of to neat's meeting and shooy is getting answer -- she is getting answers on why no one is talking. >> reporter: cuyahoga heights superintendent was placed on
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reason more than two months ago. we are told there would be an investigation that should take about four weeks and obviously it has turned into something much more m. no -- now, members of the school board were supposed to get a report about the full investigation into evans. they went into a three-hour executive session and came out and told the palm -- the people gathered here that they were adv publicly about personnel matters and then they adjourned the meeting. this is what what happened. >> we are now adjourned. it is 9:11 p.m. >> resign already! >> resign. are you not welcome anymore! >> the parma board knows what they are doing. > yeah, at least parma can handle it. >> reporter: at this point we really have more questions
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we still don't know what evans' fate is at this point. we heard a lot of frustration from people in the community. the board themselves said thisy were frustrated at this point. we still have no time line on when any decision might be made about evans. one thing we do know is the board does have a school board meeting scheduled for this thursday where they are supposed to interview candidates to fill a vacant board position. getting answers in cuy heights, dani carlson, cleveland 19 news. >> chris: early buckeye voting starts n a few hours. two million votes were cast before election day and that number is expected to be even higher this time around. if you are interested in voting early we have a how to guide on our website. hit us up on cleveland >> jeff: let's look at our feazel roof cam and we are
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right now. not as chill looy as last night -- not as chilly as last night, but we warm up before the next front and wave of rain and then the temperature change. first alert details coming up. >> denise: looking to save some money when buying the halloween candy. the things you can do to help keep your cash in your wallet. >> mike wore it after a game and people started to pick it up. where can i get that shirt? >> chris: party at napoli's. it is not just a t-shirt. where the profits are going and how kids are benefiting. >> get breaking news and weather on the cleveland 19
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this is cleve 1 >> this is is a cool story. it has grown into a massive movement. shelby miller talked with the creator and getting answers on how the slogan is talking to sick children across northeast ohio. >> people with signs here. >> party at napoli's has become a sensation this tribe
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between nate crow and his friends. >> mike was on a hot streak at the time. mike is known a little more nationally for some of his antics. >> the slogan took off on twitter. before long everyone wanted in. >> mike wore it after a game. people started to pick it up. where can i get that shirt? >> reporter: that's when crow and mike napoli decided the shirts can do a lot of good. >> anytime i can give back and help out kids i am all for it. >> how are you? shirt sold helps kids like hawkin. parents like robert hunt say they are thankful. >> it helped our son move forward and it has helped so many people. we are very appreciative. >> reporter: crow stopped by the hospital to meet some of the kids that the donations help. >> i don't get a dime of it. >> reporter: check out the new post season shirts.
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children. >> and it is benefiting pediatric research. >> who would have thought when he was standing in the freezing cold that we would be where we are today. >> reporter: no one did including crow. so as the indians keep winning and the shirts keep selling it will help them achieve personal victories too. shelly miller, cleveland inane teen news. >> chris: the proceeds stay right here. make sure you are buying the official party at napoli's shirt. only those benefit the children at the clinic. whaty posted a link on our website with more information. >> denise: that's awesome. with trick-or-treating less than three weeks away you are getting ready to buy the candy to pass out to the ghosts and goblins who will be coming to your door. tonight we are getting answers on different ways to save money on those treats.
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first, buy the cheapest candy like the dum-dums in bulk. they will help you cut back on your halloween budget. repurpose and recycle if you can. if your kids go trick trick-or-treating early, you may be able to hand out some of their candy instead of buying fresh candy. trade out candy for popcorn. it is healthier and many brands have the individual bags these days. and whip up a batch of baked treats. cookies or brown c nice alternative. you can wrap them individual lea and it is easier on your wallet. >> chris: do you like to hit the gym when you are angry and blow off some steam? it could triple your risk of having a heart attack. researchers say the combination of extreme emissions and rigorous exercise can be a deadly mix. the study shouldn't discourage you from workingout, but just don't do it when you are upset.
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a list of retailers that will be closed for thanksgiving. how about that? the store's ceo says he wants his employees to spend the day with their families. i'll go there just for that. they will re-open on black friday at 7:00 a.m. there are seven hh greg stores here in northeast ohio. we did some digging and we found a list of 42 retailers that are also going to be closed on thanksgiving. some of the big stores on that list are barnes and nobel, dillards, home depot, ikea and staples. >> chris: good for them. one los angeles man has come up with an interesting idea. it is called hammer and nails and it is not a hardware store. it is a nail shop for men. it is set up like a man cave with beer and oversized lounge chairs and big screen tv's. it is great. the idea came to the owner when he went to a traditional nail salon.
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where the guy that would never step foot in a nail salon would not only go to, but want to come back, i can be on to something. >> chris: genius. since opening in 2013 the grooming shop has been a huge hit. there are now plans to open in 180 new locations in eight different states. we called corporate headquarters and we are told there are plans to eventually expand here to ohio. >> denise: i think we have two new customers. >> chris: i was going to say, i have never been to one. >> jeff: my nails are awful and i will be drinking a lot of beer. >> denise: you would be more comfortable than in the lady salon. >> chris: when was the last time you had a pedi? can't remember the last time i even cut my toe nails. now i am getting too personal. >> denise: please, get to the weather, will you?
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now everyone has this mental image. i'll take them off. i'll show you. >> denise: please don't. >> jeff: we'll start off with future view. what a wednesday we have coming up. we will be in the 70s. a big warm up. we are tracking this front. here is 8:00 p.m. tomorrow evening. we are still dry. we are going to have a wave of rain and there may even be a little thunder in this. use has it coming in after 11:00 p.m. i am thinking more like 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. it will be around that time frame where we will have showers around. 5:00 a.m., still some rain in the area. that will be on thursday. and then 8:00 in the morning on thursday just a few showers around. and then we clear out. a big temperature drop on the way from tomorrow to thursday. so the alert is early on
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that's tomorrow night into thursday. a quarter inch of rain or so out of that. and wind gusts over 25. currently we are clearing out after the clouds and future view temps tomorrow morning are still in the 40s inland. no frost is expected tonight. it is warmer than last night. 52 or so in cleveland. by 11:00 a.m. tomorrow, low to mid60s and by 2:00 in afternoon we are already well in the 70s. and that's a good 10 to 13 degrees above normal. 51 the low overnight. clear sky tomorrow morning. it is a weather impact of two for eastbound. 51 at 6:00 a.m. and 53 at 7:00 a.m. how about 77 for the high tomorrow. partly cloudy. a nice looking day. 66 at 11:00 a.m. and there you go. it is 75 at 2:00 in the afternoon m akron-canton you
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maybe a little hint of summer during the afternoon. waves are around a foot on the lake. it doesn't lasts. we have the rain tomorrow night during the day we clear out. look at the drop. 55 on thursday. friday mostly sun intoe and 59. sunny and 59. saturday we are back up to 68 and sunny. then an alert for afternoon shower about next monday, mostly sunny and 73 degrees. denise? >> denise: all right, jeff. a mail carrier is facing animal cruelty charges after what he did to three dogs on his route. it was all caught on surveillance video too. watch as he walks up the driveway, pepper sprays these three little dogs on the opposite side of the fence and no way of getting out. the 21-year-old said he felt threatened.
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pictures of the dog's red, irritated eyes is outraged, but he says he has the perfect punishment. >> i think a little community service, and i think it is perfect for the spca. that's where we got bella. we rescued her and it hurts what he did. >> denise: sure did. they were no threat on the other side of the fence. the dogs who couldn't open their eyes for three hours are doing better. there is now a warrant out for the mail carrier's >> chris: now it is on to the alcs for the bluejays. why the party the napoli's will continue next in sports. >> tomorrow morning at 6:00, we are getting answers on a possible computer glitch that could make some people more leakily to be summoned for
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this is the serpentini. >> a swing and a drive. saunders at the wall. he'll try to score and here is e >> can't say it enough. it is the inside the park walkoff to beat the bluejays. man they have found new and creative ways to beat these guys. you have the walkoff homerun and now we get them again in the alcs. you think of the jays and you think of the guys that match bautista and donaldson.
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they are doing it again. carlos santana and napoli being in this position is nothing new. this guy wins everywhere he goes. >> i have been fortunate to play on a lot of winning ball clubs. winning is important. i didn't just want the teams -- well i like to see good fit. >> when they came to me and they were interested -- they were interested in me the first time i was a free agent. to be able to look at the roster and see the potential of how good it can be was a great fit for both of us. it gave me the opportunity to play every day. it worked out so wl.
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i don't think they are still partying. we won more games than them and played 161, second in the league with runs. homeruns they got us there, but stolen bases we were much more active on the base path. the e.r.a we are there. have to show you this. draymond green throwing out the first pitch in san fran and he bounces it. we haven't seen a gag like that since they blew the lead. anyway, i wanted to share that with you. >> 0 for 1. >> i want to see a parade in cleveland. >> we just had one. >> i want another one.
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how tall are you? how do we measure greatness in america? the height of our skyscrapers? the size of our bank accounts? no. it's measured by what we do for our children. the values we pass on. i've spent my life fighting for kids and families and it will be my mission to build a country where our children can rise as high as their dreams and hard work take them. that means good schools for every child in every zip code. not debt. and an economy where every young american can find a job that lets them start a family of their own. we face big challenges, but we can solve them the same way families do. working together. respecting one another. and never giving up. i want our success to be measured by theirs.
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>> chris: welcome back. a woman got more than she
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>> denise: she went in a mother of two and came out mother of three jievment in 15 minutes we went from having a stomach problem to delivering a baby. >> denise: oh boy. the mom to be wasn't feeling well in line and the store's manager knew right away she was in labor. before giving birth to her son though she insisted on paying for her items. mom and baby are doing just fine tonight. >> chris: wow, talk about roll back m >> tony: go back and get some -- >> jeff: go back and get some diapers. low 50s to start things off. 53 at 5:00 a.m. by 2:00 we are up to 75. in the 70s for a high and then we have the rain that is moving in tomorrow night. >> denise: it's gonna feel good in the 70s. thanks for joining us. cleave lends 19 this morning -- cleveland 19 this
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>> stephen: hi. >> can't go in. >> stephen: i just want to say hello to flotus. i brought her a lotus. >> flotus is on the phone with potus. >> stephen: she'll want to see me. >> that's what she got us. >> stephen: i want to see flotus, and you can quote us. >> i'ma kick you in the scrotus. >> stephen: i'm going to get your name, okay? you're on notice. >> it's otis. >> it's "the late show with stephen colbert." tonight, stephen welcomes first lady michelle obama. and america ferrera. featuring jon batiste and stay human. and now, from the ed sullivan


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